Head instructor

The head instructor at the Melbourne Rope Dojo is Scott, one of the most experienced practitioners of shibari outside of Japan. Scott has both performed and taught within Australia and internationally in Japan.

Scott started studying shibari in 2004, which lead him to visit Japan starting in 2009 to continue his studies. In 2014 he was awarded his instructors certificate in Yukimura-ry
ū and was given the bakushi name 春輝 (Haruteru), or ‘Spring Radiance’.

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Yukimura-ryū instructors certificate

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Scott receiving the bakushi name 春輝 (Haruteru) from Yukimura-sensei, Tokyo 2014
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Scott receiving his teaching certificate from Yukimura-sensei, Tokyo 2014

Whilst experienced in all aspects of shibari, Scott has a particular love of newaza. For Scott, the connection that can be achieved through rope is unique and forms the heart of shibari. There is therefore an emphasis at the Dojo of learning how to obtain this connection.

Assistant instructor

Alex first began studying shibari in 2009, then joined weekly classes at Melbourne Rope Dojo in 2011. To further her experience she travels to Tokyo at least once a year for further tuition.

In 2014 Yukimura Sensei presented Alex a calligraphy containing bakushi name 春蜜 (Harumitsu) which means ‘Spring Honey’. This meant Alex was officially part of Yukimura-ryū, and was honoured to be the first female outside of Japan named by Yukimura Sensei.

Alex is passionate about both learning and teaching shibari and kinbaku and is a valued part of the Melbourne Rope Dojo team.

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Alex receiving the bakushi name 春蜜 (Harumitsu)  from Yukimura-sensei, Tokyo 2014