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Yukimura Haruki
May 11 1948 - March 3 2016

Yukimura Haruki (雪村春樹) is considered to be a Grandmaster in the art of shibari. Starting as a photographer, he quickly found himself on the other side of the camera doing the tying, and over 20 years ago became a professional bakushi. Along with producing shibari videos and DVDs he has also created highly sought after shibari photo art books. He has taught a number of highly regarded bakushi, including Osada Steve and Kinoko Hajime.

ū, or the Yukimura way of tying, is different from the hard sort of rope that is called semenawa in Japanese. Instead Yukimura-ryū is a gentle, loving style of shibari that Yukimura-sensei calls aibu no nawa (caressing rope), which was developed to give the tied partner more stimulation and pleasure from the rope. When recently asked what shiabri meant to him, Yukimura-sensei replied:

"To me, shibari is an emotional exchange between two people. That's unique to Japan - to express love and emotion entirely through the medium of rope. So shibari is not how you do this tie or that tie - it's how you use rope to exchange emotions with another".